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A site dedicated to bringing to the UK the best in information about a Controlled Carbohydrate style of eating.

For those people who want to get healthy, by using “Eat Fat, Get Thin!”, “Dr Atkins’ New Diet Revolution”, “Protein Power”, “The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet”, “Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution” or one of the myriad other low-carb eating plans, you will find lots of helpful information, buckets of cool links, Kitchen tested recipes, some product reviews and lots more!

Caveat: I am not a health professional and do not pretend to dispense medical information. Anyone who is significantly overweight or has other medical problems should consult with his or her physician before beginning this, or any other, eating program.

People come here looking for answers, most of which are here somewhere! ;-)
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This is why I set up Concise-Low-Carb-UK which is designed to be low-volume. This List is an ON topic NO chat list. Just recipes, advice and hints are allowed.